Support Stands

Roll-A-Ramp support stands are required for any ramp longer than 10 feet. We suggest placing a pair of support stands approximately every 6-7 feet. The support stands attach to the ramp using t-handle bolts and block-nuts provided. No special tools are needed. Our custom ramp support stands are adjustable based on the height ranges below. Stand may also be placed anywhere on the ramp.

Download Flyer for Roll-A-Ramp Support Stands

G-3612-XS  Extra Short Support Stands 6”-9” adjustment range (15cm-22.9cm)

G-3612-S  Short Support Stands (short) 10”-13.5” adjustment range (25.4cm-33.7cm)

G-3612-L  Long Support Stands 15.75-21.5″ adjustment range (40cm-54.6cm)

G-3612-XL Extra Long Support Stands 23”-35″ adjustment range (59cm-89cm)

G-3612-XXL  2XL Support Stands (2X long) 35.5”-52.75″ adjustment range (90cm-134cm)