Perfect for Wheelchairs and Scooters!

Roll-A-Ramp® offers a one-of-a-kind portable ramp for easy access into homes, buildings, vans and more.

Roll-A-Ramp® is where Strength and Flexibility Meet! Your ramp will always be portable and never permanent, so a building permit is not needed. It rolls up like a sleeping bag for convenient storage and portability. Change the length at any time by adding and removing links, just like a watchband! Our ramps are the perfect solution for people who want an alternative to heavy, bulky, or permanent wooden ramps. This aluminum ramp can be built to comply with ADA standards if needed. Roll-A-Ramp is made from 6061 aerospace aluminum, the average weight is only 6 pounds for every 1-foot of ramp length!
Always portable, never permanent. Just roll it up and go!
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Ramps are custom built to any length for your individual situation. Ideal for
  • Homes for temporary or non-permanent access
  • Public Buildings
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Appointments
  • Restaurants
  • RVs
Our ramp users consistently tell us that they love the following things about their ramps:
  • Lightweight: An 8’ x 30” portable ramp weighs only 46 pounds
  • Strong: Supports up to 1,000 lbs
  • Durable: Made from aerospace 6061 aluminum
  • Reliable: 10-Year Warranty
  • Versatile: Add length or separate into shorter sections for easier handling
  • Flexible: Take a section off a longer ramp, add an Approach Plate, and use as a second shorter ramp!


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