Unlock Mobility: Versatile Van Ramps for Every Need

Experience cost-effective accessibility for your vehicle.

Roll-A-Ramp Bi-fold Van Ramps offer savings and user comfort. Our van ramps come in Powered and Non-Powered options, and three widths of 36″, 30″, and 26″.  In most cases, Roll-A-Ramp van ramps are much less expensive than lowered floor van conversion vans or hydraulic lifts. Plus, If you change vehicles, you can take the ramp with you! (Be sure to confirm compatibility before ordering)
Manual Folding Van Ramps
a picture of a deployed van ramp

The perfect van access solution for those looking for an economical wheelchair or scooter ramp. The manual folding ramps simply fold out of the van door to the ground.

  • Strength: Aerospace aluminum has 1,000 pound capacity
  • Safety: Superior engineering provides excellent traction
  • 10-Year warranty on ramp (one year warranty on motor for powered systems)
  • Excellent solution for accessing a van or cargo vehicle with wheelchairs, scooters, or other mobility devices.
Powered Folding Van Ramps
powered van ramp Powered Bi-fold van ramps conveniently unfold with a electrical motor. The powered ramps are controlled by a wired remote control, or an optional wireless remote control.


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