All-in-one Accessibility

Need help with loading and unloading band equipment? Roll-A-Ramp is the answer!

Roll-A-Ramp can be configured perfectly for your band trailer! Having Roll-A-Ramps placed side-by-side provides the versatility you need for unloading and loading your band's equipment. Plus, The extended heavy duty upper approach plate provides a smooth transition in and out of the trailer. Like other Roll-A-Ramps, the ramp length can be adjusted by easily adding and removing links. Plus, set up and take down is user friendly and the ramps can be stored with a small footprint. No special tools are needed to set up the ramps, so it is very easy for students to be involved with loading and unloading the trailers. Ramps may be split into shorter sections for handling and storage as well.
    • Hassle free alternative to DIY ramps.
    • Unmatched portability and small storage footprint.
    • Adjust the length of the ramp at any time.
    • 1,000 pound weight capacity. (1,500 in HD)
    • 6 available width options: 12″, 22″, 26″, 30″, 36″, 48″.


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