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Dustin Carter Avatar
Best ramp company hands down!!!
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Dustin Carter
Gary Smith Avatar
We needed a ramp for my dad to get in & out of the house in his wheelchair. He is diabetic & has a degenerative muscle disease meaning he will need this ramp on/off for now but eventually will be permanently in a chair. Living in a condo with a narrow one car garage & a shared porch entry w/ the neighbor our options were limited.

I started looking at aluminum & steel ramps but most of them are solid sections that take up a lot of space & are very difficult to move & store if not needed every single day. Building a wood ramp would be a permanent option but wood gets very slippery when wet & then you still have to seal it to keep it from rotting. We're in Michigan & the garage stays cold all winter which meant snow that tracks in could ice over on a wood ramp creating a slippery situation for both dad & anyone who is assisting him up or down the ramp.

I then discovered the Roll A Ramp & I knew that was the way to go for our needs. It's easily able to be moved if not needed for some time & if my parents move the ramp can easily be taken with them to the next home. It's also easy to shorten or extend the length so it's never obsolete! The grated design ensures a secure, non-slip grip going up or down every time & being slatted the way it is most snow/dirt falls through to the ground instead of packing down on the ramp.

Our ramp arrived packed meticulously. Every machined detail was perfect, this company clearly doesn't cut corners on the build quality of everything down to the hardware.

Setup was very simple. Because we needed the ramp to rest on the threshold of the entry door we opted for the optional load bearing approach plate which is necessary for our scenario.

That entry point was about 24" off the ground & initially we had a slight bit of sag as you reached the higher end, this caused a slight bounce feel & we wanted more support underneath. I reached out to Roll a Ramp & I must say this is where the company really sets themselves apart from others. Get this, you can call them & speak to someone over the phone who genuinely cares about your situation! I'm not talking an automated system that sends you to a call center where someone who barely knows the product tries to guess how to solve your concern. This is a small, true Made In The USA company who knows all about the product that they manufacture in house. Not once did I feel like I was just another sale, they truly wanted to ensure that this ramp was the best option for OUR needs. Based on our situation they were able to recommend the proper support stands that removed all of that bounce feel. They also suggested that if this is not going to be rolled up & taken down daily some slight tightening of the hardware would stiffen up the ramp a bit more.

I can now say we have a ramp that is rock solid. The top-notch build quality & attention to detail make this very functional while looking beautiful at the same time. Being made of aluminum slats & yellow zinc coated hardware it allows us to wash it down if needed with no worry of rust & as mentioned before, this ramp will not rot like wood can do over time.

The best part is that when we need to free up space temporarily we can easily break the ramp down to move/store it. Other options would have made this almost impossible as they are heavy & bulky in size but even if you don't intend on moving the ramp it still is the best in terms of safety as you won't slip.

Don't hesitate, this is the best solution if you need a ramp!
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Gary Smith
Rick Avatar
I was investigating different ramps and decided on the roll a ramp. I called the factory and spoke to Jennifer to get the name of a dealer in our area because I wanted to see the ramp in person. Mobility Plus was very helpful and knowledgeable so I ordered the 8’ ramp. We needed the ramp ASAP so my wife could attend her 75th birthday party at our son’s home so I called Jennifer again and the ramp was delivered in record time. The ramp works great and is exactly as advertised.
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Suzy Avatar
Awesome product, and great customer service. The ramp is working better than I figured it would. I needed access to our RV compartments but still have a working ramp that is usable. The quick disconnect pins used next to the support stands are perfect to access where I need to with the ease of putting it back together. It looks great and feels solid when using it. I love that I can take it with me when I move my RV, and split up the ramp into sections I can lift by myself.

The customer service I have received has been excellent. They have been able to help me order what I needed, and let me know about items that were back ordered due to supply chain issues, and a approximate of delivery times on those back ordered items.

Thank you for the awesome service and such a well designed product.
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Nitin Katre Avatar
Excellent ramp. Best ramp to have for wheelchair users very strong, sturdy and portable too.
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Nitin Katre
Janell Moore Avatar
Your sales team was just wonderful, they helped me out with my problem took time to explain what I needed everybody from the whole team from shipping department was great. I never had a customer service representative like him to help me out. He was so friendly
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Janell Moore
Jennifer Avatar
Kathy was so friendly and patient while guiding me through the evaluation process. This is a very stressful time getting a ramp and helping my aging parents. Thank you!
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Roundup River Ranch Roundup River Ranch, a nonprofit organization in Gypsum Colo., enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families by offering free, medically-supported camp programs that provide unforgettable opportunities to discover joy, friendships, and confidence. All camp activity areas need to be accessible to all participants. We recently installed two yurts to be used for camper activities and we needed ramps to provide access for all of our campers. I was looking to have custom ramps built, however was concerned about the time, and cost. I found the Roll-A-Ramp website on a Sunday and submitted a request for more information. I received a quick reply on Monday. After a few discussions about sizing and fit for our situation, I placed the order for four ramps. The ramps were delivered within a week and we installed them promptly. The process from the initial request for information to installation - was 12 business days. I am very satisfied with the purchase. The ramps are built well, modular, and easy to assemble. I am happy to recommend Roll-A-Ramp.

Ryan Pendergast, Facilities Director
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Audra Balstad Avatar
Tim and Jennifer are exceptional. I would highly recommend Roll-A-Ramp USA.
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Audra Balstad
Birgit Snelling Avatar
We are selling Roll-A-Ramp's since 10 years now at All-Terrain Medical and while it is not the cheapest ramp out there, it sure is the most dependable one and the staff of Roll-A-Ramp is always very helpful to help us find the right ramp solution for the specific needs of the customer! That is why we love Roll-A-Ramp!
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Birgit Snelling
Mrs. Bissonnette Avatar
I received the ramp and rails in a short amount of time. The company reps. have always been helpful. I like the product, its durability as well as the warranty. I've shared the information with friends needing a ramp. This beats the wooden ramp I had built at a previous home hands down. No sanding, no staining, no warping, and it's wide enough and sturdy enough to last. I recommend Roll-a-ramp.
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Mrs. Bissonnette
MediServ Terry J Avatar
Dear Roll-A-Ramp, We purchased one of your manual folding ramps today and had it also installed into our full size van. We bought and had it installed at Medi-Serv in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks very much, I believe the ramp will be a big asset in being able to take my 83 year old mother out of the house. She has had 3 strokes and most recently broke her only good arm. She has been bedfast and recuperating in bed for the last 5 months. The ramp will be an answer to our prayers. Thanks very much! Terry J in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.
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MediServ Terry J

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