All-In-One Accessibility

Roll-A-Ramp Modular Systems completely fulfill your ramp needs!

Welcome to the Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System! The Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System is a comprehensive ramp package. Modular systems can include handrails for user safety and comfort, and platforms (small landings) that allow the ramp to change directions! Support stands provide stability for even the longest ramp setups. And finally, Quick-Connect-Pins allow you to quickly divide and combine ramp sections for added flexibility. Roll-A-Ramp Modular Systems are the safe and flexible solution you need!
What ramp configuration is right for you?
Check out our Modular Guide 5 Easy Steps document to learn more!
  • Hassle free alternative to DIY ramps; suits many mobility device types (wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, powerchairs, etc.)
  • Typically does not require a building permit to install.
  • Unmatched portability, one ramp can be used in multiple places.
  • Adjust the length of the ramp at any time.
  • Optional handrails add safety and comfort.
  • Configurable layout (straight or multi-directional ramp path) with platforms.
  • 1,000 pound weight capacity.
  • 6 available width options: 12″, 22″, 26″, 30″, 36″, 48″.


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