Roll-A-Ramp® Around the World

Roll-A-Ramp® has been used by people all over the world – some are famous and others are not. But we treat every customer as if they are royalty!

Buckingham Palace – London

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain hosted a reception for athletes participating in the Paralympic Games. Roll-A-Ramp® was used to make the palace accessible for the guests.

Montreal Marriott Chateau

Malta National Museum of Archaeology

Stephen Hawking

World renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, used Roll-A-Ramp during an address given at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem hosted by British Council Israel. High school students met Stephen Hawking, one of the best-known theoretical physicists today and author of the bestselling book A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes. Hawking spoke about his life and what motivated him to pursue a career in science. He answered students’ questions and heard brief talks by two winners of the Young Scientists Competition run annually by the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

Brad & Gus

Satisfied end users who are discovering freedom again.

St. Isaak’s Cathedral

St. Isaak’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg Russia is the most extensive Roll-A-Ramp
installation on earth