Roll-A-Ramp® Platforms are a great option for longer ramps that need a landing or a change of direction.

In some cases the space available to set up a ramp is simply too limited, so the ramp will need to include a platform to make a turn. The legs that support the platforms are made to the exact length you need. Platforms come with handrails on two sides and Z-Mount brackets (also called seg-mount brackets) so the approach plate of the ramp can be easily inserted.

A platform kit includes everything you need for quick assembly including the aluminum platform, lightweight anodized aluminum handrails, brackets, and legs. They can be used as a permanent solution, or easily remove the handrails and legs to use the platform anywhere!

  • 4′ X 4′
  • 4′ X 5′
  • 5′ X 5′

Platform kits include handrails on two sides and adjustable legs.
Options for platform legs:
S: 10″ – 13.25″ (25.4 – 33.7cm)
L: 15.75″ – 21.5″ (40.0 – 54.6cm)
XL: 23.25″ – 35″ (59.0 – 89cm)
2XL: 35.5″ – 51″ (90 cm – 129 cm) (requires Platform Reinforcement Kit)


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