Mounting Brackets are optional. However, they can provide flexibility if you have space constraints.

Seg-Mount Brackets allow for easy mounting of your portable ramp to any landing surface. The ramp’s standard upper approach plate slips into the bracket at 90-degrees and can be removed in seconds. These Z-shaped brackets allow your ramp to be level with the surface of your landing. Seg-mount Brackets can be installed into wood, concrete or metal.

  • Mount to the front of a porch, deck or landing to have a smooth, flush, entry and exit to your Roll-A-Ramp.
  • The ramp upper approach plate drops into brackets. Ramp lifts out for removal.
  • Eliminates a tripping hazard

Pictured below, Roll-A-Ramp’s custom Seg-Mount brackets provide smooth wheelchair access into this hunting cabin. The brackets are screwed into the front of the structure and the upper approach plate slides into the space between the brackets. When the ramp is not being used, it can be removed and stored inside while the brackets stay in place

For use with pick-up trucks or delivery vans. Tailgate brackets easily rivet or screw to a tailgate or any surface where you need a little extra holding power. Popular for loading into a bed of a pick-up truck. The low profile does not interfere with normal use. Tailgate Brackets hold the ramp securely in place on any surface.

#3415 Tailgate Brackets

  • For attaching ramp to tailgate of truck
  • Just screw or rivet to the tailgate

Underchannel of the ramp inserts into the slot on the brackets for a secure temporary mount.


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