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What sizes are available?
Six options for width. 48″ / 36″ / 30″ / 26″ /  22″ / 12″ pairs.
*Note the usable track on the ramp will be 3/4″ less than the overall width due to the safety side rails.

I want a different size than what you have available. Can you custom make a different width?
No – We are not able make custom widths.

Which width should I choose?
If using the ramp for wheelchair or scooter access, measure the wheel base of the chair (inches from outside the left wheel to outside the right wheel). Determine the right ramp width for your needs.

Do you make the length I need?
All four sizes can be built to any length in 1-foot increments.

How much does the ramp weigh?
36″ ramps = 7 pounds per foot
30″ ramps = 6 pounds per foot
26″ ramps = 5 pounds per foot
12″ ramps = 4 pounds per foot

How much does the ramp cost?
Pricing will vary based on what you get for your unique needs, but plan to spend around $150 per foot for portable roll-up ramps. For example, an 8’x30″ ramp will cost $1,097 plus $117 shipping. This ramp will weigh 41 pounds.

How does the ramp stay in place?

Option 1
: Standard placement requires the top 1 foot of ramp to be fully on the destination surface. The first link after the approach plate is what will bear the weight of the ramp and hold it in place. A full 12 inches or more of clearance is needed for this option.

Option 2: A load bearing (heavy duty) approach plate may replace the upper approach plate. This piece is made of steel versus the aircraft aluminum, it is designed to bear weight and allows just this 6″ piece to be on the destination surface. This is a great option for situations where there is limited space, however it will add about 10 pounds of weight and about $130 in cost to the ramp.

Option 3
: Seg-mount brackets – these Z-shaped brackets are attached to the front of the top stair or porch. The upper (standard) approach plate slides into the brackets making the ramp level with the destination surface.

Does the ramp come with approach plates?

Yes. All ramps come with a standard approach on the top and bottom and are included in the overall length. For example, an 8’x30″ ramp will have a standard approach plate on the top and bottom and 14 links, also called tread plates, (equal to 7 feet). With standard placement the usable incline will be 1 foot less than the overall ramp length.

Do I need support stands?
Ramps that are 12 feet and longer will need support stands. The stands should be placed every 6-7 foot increment. Ramps of this length without support stands will not have the 1,000 pounds capacity and may feel springy when going up or down.