Getting Out On The Water With Roll-A-Ramp

Joe Keller’s muscular dystrophy may have made getting out on the water complicated before, but his new Roll-A-Ramp has made access easy. The Keller family’s first Roll-A-Ramp purchase was a portable travel ramp that they describe as “light weight, strong, and easy to transport.” Their second purchase was a ramp that they have permanently attached to their deck that they describe as “zero maintenance and as strong as a brick house.”

The Keller family’s most recent Roll-A-Ramp purchase was a boat ramp. Rather than having to switch to a manual chair to get on their boat, Joe can drive right on to the boat using his power chair.

Joe is from Fargo, North Dakota, and is a junior at Minnesota State University Moorhead where he studies broadcast journalism. Joe loves sports and after graduation is interested in becoming a free lance sports writer.

If you would like to make your boat accessible with a Roll-A-Ramp, take a look at our website:

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