How does the ramp stay in place?

There are three options:

Approach plate and link: Each ramp comes with a standard approach plate on each end. The approach plate and one link of the ramp should be on the top of the ramp so that the weight of the ramp is secured to the destination surface.

Heavy-duty approach plate: A heavy-duty 6” approach plate may replace the standard upper approach plate, which is included on all ramps. This piece is made of steel instead of aerospace aluminum and is designed to bear weight. If space on the destination surface is limited, this can be a great solution – although it will add about 10 pounds and some additional cost.

Z-Mount brackets: These Z-shaped brackets (also called Seg-Mount brackets) can be attached to the front of the top stair or destination surface. The standard upper approach plate slides into the brackets making the ramp level with the destination surface.