Quick-Connect Pins

#3275 Quick-Connect Pins

Roll-A-Ramp owners love Quick-Connect Pins because they make it possible to increase  or decrease  the length of your ramp depending on the circumstances. The amazing flexibility and versatility of a Roll-A-Ramp is even more remarkable with Quick-Connect Pins because you can easily turn one ramp into multiple ramps.

  • Divide ramp at any link section
  • Easier handling and storage
  • Pins replace the bolts at any link section
  • Push button pin is easy to insert and remove – no tools required

Download Roll-A-Ramp Quick Connect Pins

image of two ramp sections
Quick-Connect Pins can replace any bolt in a Roll-A-Ramp

Use Quick-Connect Pins to merge two ramp pieces together making a longer ramp.


Use Quick Connect Pins to divide ramp into shorter sections.