Jet Ramps

Roll-A-Ramp® has been used by both charter and public airlines for passengers at destinations without jetbridges.

Our jet ramps are light enough for small jets or private aircraft to bring with them and because they’re made of 6061 aerospace aluminum with a T-6 hardness they can support up to 1000 pounds. Because circumstances and aircraft designs vary, please call us so we can make sure your jet ramp meets your specific needs.

Our jet ramp customers love Roll-A-Ramp® because their ramps are

  • Light enough to bring on the jet to remote destinations
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong enough to support passengers and gear
  • protected by an unconditional 10-year warranty

Our jet ramps can be combined with our aluminum handrails for added safety.

Aircraft will typically use the 22″ width ramps and can be built to any length.  Longer ramps can be split into shorter sections using quick connect pins.  Ramps are stabilized with adjustable support stands.

How much does it cost? Here are some examples:
Example 1
22″ wide x 22′ long ramp with heavy duty approach plate, support stands , and connecting pins

Example 2
22″ wide x 24′ long ramp with heavy duty upper approach plate, adjustable support stands, quick connect pins, and handrails on one side.

Example 3:
22″ wide x 16′ long ramp with heavy duty approach plate, quick connects pins, one set support stands