Jet Ramps

Roll-A-Ramp® has been used by both charter and public airlines for passengers at destinations without jetbridges.

Our jet ramps are light enough for small jets or private aircraft to bring with them and because they’re made of 6061 aerospace aluminum with a T-6 hardness they can support up to 1000 pounds. Because circumstances and aircraft designs vary, please call us so we can make sure your jet ramp meets your specific needs.

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Our jet ramp customers love Roll-A-Ramp® because the ramps are

  • Light enough to bring on the jet to remote destinations
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Compact storage
  • Strong enough to support passengers and gear
  • 10-year warranty

Jet ramps can be combined with aluminum handrails for added safety.

There is no physical attachment or mounting with the system. It uses a 12” aluminum upper landing plate on the plane side, with rubber matting underneath to isolate from the aircraft and also eliminate the chance for scratches. Aircraft will typically use the 22.75″ width ramps. This is usually the case in order to fit between the rails on the steps, which are typically 24” apart. A narrower transport wheelchair is used to access the ramp. A wider ramp may work such as 26” or 30” width if the situation allows. These widths typically accommodate a standard size wheelchair. Ramp length will vary depending upon the height of the aircraft, but generally runs approximately 24 feet, but can be built to any length. And can easily be divided into shorter sections using quick connect pins. Ramps are stabilized with adjustable support stands.

• Available with or without portable handrails – suggested for one side minimum
• Handrails are easily inserted and removed
• Ramp quickly divides into short sections for ease of setup and storage
• Requires no tools to set up ramp system
*Ramp with handrails require tightening a set screw after inserting onto ramp.