Approach Plates

There are two kinds of approach plates that you can use to transition from a ramp to the landing you are accessing. The Standard Approach Plate comes standard with every ramp and requires that the approach plate and the first link of the ramp rest on the platform or landing you are accessing. The Heavy-Duty Approach Plate can simply rest on the landing or platform.

Standard Approach Plates

Standard Approach Plate
  • 12″ Approach Plate (pair)     #A45237-12
  • 22″ Approach Plate     #A45237-22
  • 26″ Approach Plate     #A45237-26
  • 30″ Approach Plate     #A45237-30
  • 36″ Approach Plate     #A45237-36
  • 48″ Approach Plate     #A45237-48

Load-Bearing Approach Plates

Underside of Load-Bearing approach plate has rubber backing for grip and stability.

The following measurements are the width of the approach plates.

  • 12″ Pair Of Heavy Duty Approach Plates     #3212
  • 22.75″ Heavy-Duty Approach Plate (extended)    #3222-E
  • 26″ Heavy-Duty Approach Plate     #3226
  • 30″ Heavy-Duty Approach Plate     #3235
  • 36″ Heavy-Duty Approach Plate     #3236
  • 48″ Heavy-Duty Approach Plate     #3248

Load Bearing Reducer Plates

Reducer Plates are used when the ramp is wider than a doorway – it reduces the width and allows you to secure the ramp in a narrow doorway.


  • Heavy-Duty Reducer Plate 26″ to 20″     #3210
  • Heavy-Duty Reducer Plate 30″ to 26″     #3220
  • Heavy-Duty Reducer Plate 36″ to 30″     #3230