Aluminum Handrails

Roll-A-Ramp® Aluminum Handrails are designed with 3 factors in mind:

  • Durability and Quality Handrails are high quality aluminum and won’t rust or corrode no matter the elements.
  • Portability and Versatility The handrails are easily inserted or removed from brackets that are easy to install – the brackets only need one bolt.
  • Safety and Security Make your ramp safer and easier to use with handrails.


  • All aluminum construction
  • Heavy duty and lightweight
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • No special tools needed – install by hand with t-handle bolt and block nut
  • Ease of removal for portability – smaller sections can remain assembled when taking down the ramp
  • High-quality bracket construction for unsurpassed strength

Handrails can be configured as “continuous” or as “sections”
Continuous handrails are desisgned for more stationary set-ups, where the handrail will cover the full length of the ramp. There will be no breaks between the upright tubes. This option may require two people for set up.

The Section option (also called non-continuous) is designed for portability when the user wants the option to quickly set up and take down the ramp. The sections typically come in 6′, 5′, and 4′ lengths, and there will be a 4″ gap between handrail sections on the ramp.

Additionally, there are two options for the ends of your handrails, straight or loop ends. You may also select to have a loop on just one end of the ramp.

Straight End

Straight End: These handrails provide additional security.

Loop End

Loop End: These cost a little more but provide more convenience.

Learn more about handrails by downloading our handrails brochure or pricelist.