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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a Roll-A-Ramp® over some other product?


There are many reasons why Roll-A-Ramp® is the premiere choice for portable and home ramps.

a) In a word: Versatility. Unlike other products on the market, the Roll-A-Ramp® is much more versatile and can be used in more situations, for more uses. You can add additional length by simply attaching extra sections. This means you never have the wrong size ramp! It can be changed and reconfigured to meet your exact need.

b) The size you need – not what’s available: Roll-A-Ramp® is the only ramp product available that comes in odd lengths versus even lengths. For instance, if you have 13 feet of space available you don’t have to purchase a 14 foot ramp, you can get what you need. We also offer the most variety of widths. Ramps come in sizes of 12” (sold in pairs), 26”, 30” & 36” wide.

c) Rolls up – easy to use and store. Stores in very little space – no need to wrestle with heavy folding ramps that are hard to handle. Just roll it up and go!

d) Multiple ramps in one: Any Roll-A-Ramp® can be quickly and easily split into different length sections. The section can be used as a shorter additional ramp. How is this possible? Once the ramp is split anywhere there is a yellow cover, an extra approach plate is attached to the end with Quick Release Pins. One ramp, two ramps, or even three for the price of one!

Q: What is the Roll-A-Ramp® made of?

Our ramps are made from aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum. The same material our military jets are made of, the highest quality aluminum raw material available. It is hardened to the Rockwell Hardness factor of T6 which means it has the hardness of steel. Plus, it is Anodized which makes it stronger, last longer, prevents corrosion and makes for clean handling.

Q: How much does it weigh? And how much weight can it support?

Aircraft aluminum is very lightweight by nature. Plus our surface is punched so it has slots meaning less material. For example, an 8 foot ramp 30 inches wide weighs about 41 pounds and supports 1,000 pounds. The 12” wide twin track size weighs only 25 lbs/ea. and support 2,000 pounds.

Q: How much does a Roll-A-Ramp® cost?

Cost will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. This is most important question to answer before a solution can be recommended. We are happy to help with the evaluation on a personal level; just call us and we can help determine the right ramp system for your unique need. Great care is taken to make sure you get the right system the first time. You are always welcome to call and discuss your specific need at 1-866-883-4722.

Q: If I purchase a Roll-A-Ramp and it doesn't work for me can I return it?


We strive to make sure our customers get the right ramp during the initial purchase, but we also understand that at times our ramps will not be the right solution for everyone. Returns are generally accepted with a $100 restocking fee if the ramp is in re-sellable condition. Shipping costs are not refunded.

Q: ¿Habla español?


Si necesita asistencia en español, por favor escriba a jennifer@rollaramp.com

Q: Does Roll-A-Ramp have sharp edges?


"I read some reviews on Amazon.com about your product having razor sharp edges that will cut fingers. Is this true? Is the ramp safe to use?"

A few years ago, there was a batch of tread plates (the silver links) that were not finished properly in the factory. As a result, it caused sharp edges that could cut the hands of the person handling the ramp. This quality control issue was addressed and fixed. While these reviews were accurate at the time, this is no longer a problem.

Q: Do I Need Quick Release Pins?


Quick Release Pins (QRP) are generally used for longer ramps that you frequently need to set up and take down. The pins allow the ramp to be separated into multiple sections in a matter of seconds versus several minutes with the nuts/bolts. Customers who move their ramp from one location to another also love the pins as it is much easier to move 2-3 shorter sections than one long ramp. 

Q: Does Roll-A-Ramp meet ADA guidelines?


Roll-A-Ramp® is unique because it can be built to any length. Roll-A-Ramp® is flexible in that it can be built to ADA specifications 12:1 (1 foot of ramp per 1 inch of rise). However, this length is typically not needed in most locations nor is it feasible in most home locations. Ramp length will depend on your situation and your individual need. Because it is a portable ramp, it is not required to comply with ADA guidelines.