Quick Release Pins

Support stands are strongly recommended for any portable ramp longer than 11 feet. We recommend placing a pair of support stands every 6-7 feet. The support stands easily attach to the portable ramp using bolts and nuts provided. No special tools are needed.

G-3612-XS Adjustable Ramp Support Stands (extra short) 6”-9” adjustment range. $185.00/pair
Roll-A-Ramp’s Quick Release Pins (QRP) allow long ramps to be separated into two or more sections for easy storage and transportation. The pins also provide the option to remove a shorter section from a longer modular ramp system so it can be used as a portable ramp. Quick Release Pins are an add-on accessory and do not automatically come with the ramp.

Model No Description Price

#3255 Quick Release Pins $25.00/pair

  • Split ramp at any link section
  • Easier handling and storage
  • Pins replace the bolts at any link section

Quick release Pin on Ramp Single Quick Release Pin rollaramp links splip

G-3612-S Adjustable Ramp Support Stands (short) 10”-13.5” adjustment range. $190.00/pair

G-3612-L Adjustable Ramp Support Stands (long) 15.75-21.5″ adjustment range. $195.00/pair

G-3612-XL Adjustable Ramp Support Stands (extra long) 23”-35″ adjustment range. $205.00/pair

G-3612-XXL Adjustable Ramp Support Stands (2X long) 35.5”-52.75″ adjustment range. $215.00/pair