Some automobile manufacturers offer “Mobility Programs” providing rebates for the installation of adaptive equipment for individuals with certain disabilities. Rebates vary by manufacturer but are available for any new purchased or leased vehicles. Most lifts and carriers are eligible for reimbursement under the terms of the mobility programs as listed below.

Please note that these rebates are offered by the vehicle manufacturer and not by Roll-A-Ramp®.
Links below are provided as a courtesy to customers with info subject to change.


Vehicle Manufacturer Mobility Rebate Programs



Program Name and
Link to Apply

Rebate Available

Acura Acura Acura Mobility Program $1,000
Audi Audi Audi Mobility Subsidy $1,500
BMW BMW BMW Mobility Program $2,500
Chrysler Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Chrysler Automobility Program $1,000
Ford Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Ford Upfits $1,000
General Motors Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, GMC General Motors Mobility Program $1,000
Honda Honda Honda Mobility Assistance Program $1,000
Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Mobility Program $1,000
Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar N/A
Kia Kia N/A N/A
Lexus Lexus Lexus Mobility Program $1,000
Mazda Mazda Mazda Mobility Cash Bonus $1,000
Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes Mobility Program $1,000
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi N/A N/A
Nissan Nissan Nissan Mobility Reimbursement $1,000
Subaru Subaru Subaru Mobility Assist $500
Suzuki Suzuki N/A N/A
Toyota Toyota Toyota Mobility Program $1,000
Volvo Volvo Mobility by Volvo $1,000
Volkswagen Volkswagen Mobility Program $1,000

*Subject to change without notification. Please check with the manufacturer for up-to-date rebate amounts.

There are also a wide variety of U.S. federal and state programs available to financially assist with wheelchair carrier or scooter lift purchases. Please contact your vehicle manufacturer to find out if you qualify for assistance.