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ATV / Motorcycle Ramps

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Unique Motorcycle / ATV Loading Ramp System by Roll-A-Ramp® makes it easy to load your motorcycle on your pick-up truck.
Now you can haul your bike and not bring a trailer!

  • Very easy to use – rolls out for use – rolls up and stows for travel
  • Supports 1,000 lbs of weight - the bike and the rider
  • System remains securely in place with the tailgate closed – no risk of scratching bike by storing in the bed
  • No load on the tailgate – weight is distributed though the hitch bracket system
  • Ramp is removable in seconds for use as a stand alone ramp
  • Aircraft 6061 Aluminum construction means it is both lightweight and very strong
  • Patented slotted link design means it has both superior traction and water & debris pass through the ramp. You can load in wet weather
  • 9' ft x 36” ramp give plenty of room to use your feet
              motorcycle ramp rolled-up in hitch


Trust your bike with nothing less!

For the motorcycle enthusiast, sometimes the biggest challenge is loading a motorcycle in the back of your pickup. You set up your homemade motorcycle ramp or a store bought motorcycle ramp, but neither gives you the confidence to do it on your own, or trust with your investment so you ask a friend or two (or three) to spot you. Then you have to store the motorcycle ramp in the bed of your truck, being careful not damage your motorcycle

How would you like a motorcycle ramp you can roll out, ride up and roll up in 5 minutes... and store safely out of the way of your motorcycle? When a friend needs to borrow it, simply remove the hitch pin and remove the system to slip into his receiver. It’s that simple!

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Motorcycle RampMotorcycle Ramp Rolled


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